Seoul, Korea X (Twitter) Trends for last 24 hours

Twitter Trends Timeline for last 24 hours

Trending Topic Statistics and Insights

  1. 지역혐오 for 19 hrs
  2. #솔로11주년축하해이준호 for 18 hrs
  3. #우리의여름이준호 for 18 hrs
  4. #JUNHOSOLO11THDAY for 18 hrs
  5. 사이클링 for 18 hrs

Trends with Maximum Tweets

  1. 캐럿랜드 with 4.9M tweet
  2. #세븐틴 with 1.5M tweet
  3. 안어울리는 노래 with 1.2M tweet
  4. 더시즌즈 with 926K tweet
  5. #솔로11주년축하해이준호 with 682K tweet
  1. 만남 서로 at #1
  2. 마그네틱 at #6
  3. 이사배님 at #9
  4. 공연 취소 at #10
  5. 표정관리 at #11
  1. 캐럿존 교환
  2. 천둥번개
  3. #솔로11주년축하해이준호
  4. 해피머니
  5. #우리의여름이준호 - tracking X (formerly twitter) Trending Topics for over a decade.

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