Turmero, Venezuela X (Twitter) Trends for last 24 hours

Twitter Trends Timeline for last 24 hours

Trending Topic Statistics and Insights

  1. #CunaDeLibertadores for 24 hrs
  2. Alberto Fernández for 24 hrs
  3. Las Mercedes for 24 hrs
  4. Maracaibo for 24 hrs
  5. Padrino López for 24 hrs

Trends with Maximum Tweets

  1. Netanyahu with 44M tweet
  2. Lula with 4.6M tweet
  3. Marruecos with 4.1M tweet
  4. El 24 with 3.4M tweet
  5. Argentina with 2.6M tweet
  1. Bachaquero at #9
  2. #Bucaram at #11
  3. Boric at #23
  4. Ángela Aguilar at #24
  5. Christian Nodal at #42
  1. #CunaDeLibertadores
  2. Alberto Fernández
  3. Maracaibo
  4. Padre de la Patria
  5. Padrino López

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